The Knights in the Mountain

These are the ancient Knights in the Mountain, who slept for eight hundred years to save Rhas Cayerne in its hour of need.

Brigid, the sorceress, the First Oathbinder who created the Circle in the time before the Contagion by writing down its ancient sacred laws. A powerful, towering woman with grey hair, simultaneously old and young. Brigid is not a knight herself, but merely the facilitator of their oaths to defend Rhas Cayerne.

Taliesin, the poet, the bard and singer of the knight’s songs, who came along into the mountain by chance. A handsome man and a dandy, but wise in songs and in music. Taliesin sails aboard the Blackwolf, under Lyonesse the Undaunted.

Balin the Savage, a red-bearded berserk knight with a heavy sword, tall and powerful. He struck his wife blind in rage, and chose exile to the mountain over suicide. Balin hails from Wild Cerewyth. His gift is brutality: He excels at savage and fierce combat. Balin serves as Captain of the Ironbear.

Lyonesse the Undaunted, a stocky, platinum-blond woman, carrying a heavy shield. Her gift is bravery and leadership. Lyonesse serves as Captain of the Blackwolf. She hails from Dol Mynan.

Bruenor the Proud, a brown-haired man in immaculately kept armor, his equipment without flaw. His gift is formal combat and duels. Bruenor now serves as Captain of the Jadestar. Bruenor hails from Mor Morrosh.

Elaine the Peerless, a player of sports and games, lithe and attractive. A skilled dancer, singer, and athlete, curious about her purpose. Her gift is competition. Elaine now captains the Silverwing; she was born on Dol Tanmor.

Gareth the Enduring, a weary knight of unremarkable appearance. The last warrior left in his village, he slew eight desperate men to save his kinsmen only to have plague take their lives. His gift (and his curse) is to be the last man standing. Gareth hails from Tir Na Nogh, and is now captain of the Lionshield.

Wulfric the Kind, a wise man who excels at good advice and counseling those in need. Known for his great kindness and skill at reading people, his gift is reading peoples’ hearts. Wulfric serves as First Mate under Gareth, aboard the Lionshield.

Sunnifa the Wide-Sailed, an experienced sailor-woman who has traveled wide and far, and was at home on ships. A routined and experienced woman, her gift was journeying. Sunnifa served as First Mate under Bruenor on the Jadestar. She died hunting Nidmaw the Whalebird, struck by debris from the flaming volcano.

Godric the Keen is a sharp and perceptive man, whom little escapes. His gift is perception. He serves as First Mate under Elaine on the Silverwing.

Elfrida the True is a woman of great integrity and steadfastness. Her gift is truthfulness and honesty. She serves as First Mate under Balin on the Ironbear.

Ethelind the Gracious is a woman of good cheer and friendly manners. Her gift is friendship. She serves as First Mate under Lyonesse aboard the Blackwolf.

In all, the sleepers in the mountain numbered one hundred and twenty-six.

Other Heroes

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The Quick
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The Ironclad
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The Knights in the Mountain

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