Oath To The Sun

Oath To The Sun is Crioch’s orichalcum-infused tattoo, signifying his oath and his devotion. Received in a prayer to the Unconquered Sun, in the holiest place in Rhas Cayerne, this sunburst tattoo shimmers in hues of orichalcum when attuned.

Evocations of Oath To The Sun

The Oath to the Sun counts as light artifact armor, which can be attuned or unattuned for four motes in but a single turn – reverting to black iron ink when unattuned, allowing it to pass for a regular Rhas Cayerne tattoo.

In Your Heart Shall Burn
Cost: 3m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

The Oath to the Sun is fueled by Crioch’s devotion to his oaths and to his principles, which shield him from harm. When struck by a Decisive attack, Crioch may activate this Evocation to reduce incoming damage by one die. If Crioch has a Major or Defining Intimacy that would bolster his willingness to fight this foe, damage is instead reduced by two dice (for a Major Intimacy) or three dice (for a Defining Intimacy). In addition, if Crioch has sworn an oath against the foe attacking him, damage is reduced by one additional die. Thus, against one of the Deep Ones, this Evocation reduces incoming damage by the maximum of four dice.

Should an enemy fail to inflict any damage whatsoever after Crioch activates In Your Heart Shall Burn, whether because their die pool is reduced to 0 or they simply fail to roll any successes, the foe immediately loses 1 point of Initiative, deterred by the power of the Sun’s Oath, and Crioch gains 1 point of Initaitive, fueled by the success.

From The Ashes
Cost: 5m, 1wp Mins: Essence 1
Type: Simple
Duration: Reflexive
Prerequisites: In Your Heart Shall Burn

Ignis Divine has reignited his champion once before, and from the ashes, the champion shall always rise again. This Evocation may only be activated during Initiative Crash. Driven back, battered by his foes, the Oath to the Sun reminds Crioch of his duty, reigniting him.

Taking the entire action to reaffirm his oath, speaking it out loud, Crioch may spend five motes and one point of Willpower to immediately roll Wits+Integrity, resetting his Initiative to equal the number of successes on this roll. This counts as a Join Battle roll for all purposes, except that it uses Integrity instead of Awareness. This Evocation can only be used once per scene.

I Am Your Shield
Cost: 3m, +1a Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: In Your Heart Shall Burn

Crioch has sworn to defend Rhas Cayerne, not just himself. This Evocation makes that oath a reality, written into the very laws of nature. I Am Your Shield can only be activated when Crioch’s anima is at least burning. This Evocation affects all allied characters and battle groups up to Short range around Crioch. The Zenith anima detaches from the glowing tattoo, bursting out to encompass all allies in protective flames. For each anima level expended, increase the Soak of all affected targets by (Crioch’s Essence). Additionally, Crioch may activate In Your Heart Shall Burn in defense of all characters affected by this Evocation, reducing damage and harvesting Initiative as normal for that Evocation.

Wings of Wrath

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2;
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: -
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: In Your Heart Shall Burn

What good is oath and fury if you cannot strike the enemy?

This Evocation supplements a Rush action. It cannot be used outside of combat. When activating this Evocation, Crioch chooses a single target and moves towards it, adding one die to the Rush attempt. If Crioch has a Major or Defining Intimacy bolstering his will to fight this foe, instead add two dice (for Major) or three dice (for Defining), with an additional die if he is bolstered by oaths, as for In Your Heart Shall Burn. Additionally, Crioch ignores exactly one point of Difficulty imposed by terrain, or exactly two points if fueled by an oath. This allows him to smash through barriers, run across swamps, or leap great distances.

If Crioch also knows I Am Your Shield, he may spend one point of Willpower to extend the benefits of this Evocation to any one Battle Group he leads, including the ship they crew, if applicable. If Crioch has activated I Am Your Shield, this Evocation instead extends to all affected Battle Groups when a Willpower point is spent. However, Battle Groups affected by this Evocation subtract a like amount of dice from any Disengage action – their fury and fire makes it difficult to retreat save through a panicked rout.

Oath To The Sun

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