General Unlockables

Oathsworn: Spend 1 Solar XP. For the rest of this session, any actions you take directly in pursuit of fulfilling an oath or promise are rolled at +1 success, as if you had spent a point of Willpower. You may not further supplement these rolls with Willpower expenditures, however.

Heart’s Content: After ending a scene in which you successfully advanced one of your Intimacies, spend 1 Solar XP and recover Willpower equal to the strength of the Intimacy (1 for Minor, 2 for Major, 3 for Defining).

The Siren’s Song: It’s something in the water, in the seas around Rhas Cayerne, the beckoning of strange things at the edge of the world. Spend 1 Solar XP to hear the restless call. You gain a Minor Intimacy of curiosity or wanderlust, and add +1 success made on any roll to travel, to investigate, or explore, as if you had spent a point of Willpower. The unfamiliar draws you. This Unlockable lasts only for one session, though its effects may haunt you long after.

Solar Unlockables

Essence Supernal: Spend 1 Solar XP to activate one Charm from your Supernal Ability that you do not yet know, but for which you meet the prerequisites. You must pay the normal cost of the Charm. For each time you use this Unlockable for the same Charm, the cost increases by 1 Solar XP.

Essence Fever: You are filled with an urge to change the world. Spend 1 Solar XP; for the rest of this session, whenever you spend a point of Willpower, also add a number of dice equal to the most relevant Intimacy supporting the action. This session, you may furthermore recover Willpower by gaining Limit; the first point costs 1 Limit, the second point 2 Limit, the third 3, and so on.

Essence Overdrive: Spend 1 Solar XP. For the rest of this session, you add +2 dice to any roll involving your Supernal Ability. At the end of the session, recover 1 Willpower.

Sun-King’s Shared Destiny: Spend 1 Solar XP on a friendly non-Exalted NPC or group of NPCs and declare their destiny. They gain +1 success for the rest of this story on any action related to fulfilling this destiny. Off screen, they are all but guaranteed success, though possibly with caveats. It is possible, at the GM’s discretion, that they increase a relevant Ability or Attribute at the end of the story, as a result of their learning.


Dawn Triumphs: The Dawn caste always triumphs in battle. You may spend 1 Solar XP to deal one damage per die of Decisive damage, rather than 1 damage per success. Effectively, each Decisive die is set to 10, but may not benefit further from any Charms or abilities that boost Decisive damage (such as allowing you double 10s). Against non-essential opponents, the Storyteller may forego a damage roll entirely and declare the opponent automatically defeated if you use Dawn Triumphs against them.

Night Passes: The Night caste cannot be caught. You may spend 1 Solar XP to immediately leave a scene, terminating it if you are the only PC present. The exact manner of extraction varies from character to character, perhaps stealthily, or athletically, or in some other fashion.

Zenith Thunders: The Zenith caste speaks for the Unconquered Sun. You may spend 1 Solar XP to draw the attention of the NPCs in a scene to yourself, whether by your actions or just by some silent authority. Enemies will seek to attack you; if your friends split up, they will always pursue you. In noncombat scenes, eyes will turn toward you, and those who seek to corrupt or tempt will turn their attention to you, the leader. In this way, you are a shield to your allies, whether in battle or in peace.

Eclipse Calms: The Eclipse caste brings order and harmony wherever they go. You may spend 1 Solar XP to guarantee that no combat breaks out in a scene, or to end a combat scene and turn it into a social scene instead. This Unlockable does in no way keep enemies from being unfriendly or hostile, but it avoids physical violence. It lasts but a single scene, enough for you to present your case. If any of your allies attack, enemies still fight to defend themselves.

Character-Specific Unlockables


Irreverent Fool: Spend 1 Solar XP to buck convention. For one scene, NPCs are too baffled to react negatively to your antics, even if you violate taboos or behave outrageously. You never trigger negative Intimacies, whether it’s by violating dress code, insulting a laird, wandering into restricted areas or otherwise behaving inappropriately. Furthermore, you gain the ability spend Willpower to resist any social influence, even if you do not have an Intimacy backing it up, out of sheer spite.
This Unlockable provides no protection from the consequences of your actions once the scene ends.

It’s Gonna Be Legendary: Spend 1 Solar XP to come up with some hare-brained plan that shouldn’t work. Any stunts that align with your crazy plan are upgraded one step. If they were already three-point stunts, they cannot be further upgraded. Optionally, you may declare that any failed action using one of these enhanced stunts results in a botch.

Burn Out: Sometimes, even the great Jadvyga Trinh is pushed to her limit. This Unlockable represents a moment when even she has to grit her teeth and get serious. Spend 1 Solar XP. For the rest of this scene, whenever you spend Willpower on a Strength- Dexterity or Stamina-based action (whether it’s an attack, defense, a footrace, or anything), you immediately regain it. At the end of the scene, you immediately suffer 1 bashing damage per point of Willpower you regained in this fashion. This bashing damage can knock you unconscious, but it never rolls over into lethal. Additionally, roll three dice of Limit as the scene ends.


Bear Witness: Spend 1 Solar XP. Whenever you witness another character acting in accordance with a sworn oath, they enjoy +2 dice to any relevant rolls, for the rest of this session. Any action that would serve to uphold the oath counts, even indirectly, but you must be present in the scene, serving as a reminder of their promise. You need not actually be able to see them to count as a witness; you just serve as a beacon of the oath’s power.

Spirit-Speaker: Spend 1 Solar XP. A minor god or spirit seeks you out, either directly or through Lochan’s aid. This is a story-based Unlockable, and may serve many different roles. You may invent a god or spirit with this Unlockable, broadly declaring what it is the god of and what it wants, or declare that some spirit existing in the setting comes to seek you.

Oath Of Power: Spend any number of Solar XP when you activate the Eclipse Oath. All those who participate in the oath gain a Merit worth (Solar XP spent) dots, brought to them by Fate – they might find a pot of gold, find their fame spreading on the wind, or gain the favor of a mighty Laird. They might even find themselves blessed with strong lungs or grow to giant size, as you see fit. If the oath is ever violated, this Merit is lost for them, often in tragic ways.
You decide which Merits are granted to the participants in the oath, not they, but they needn’t all gain the same Merit, if you so decide.


Sailor’s Tales: Spend 1 Solar XP to retell a story of your past, or relay advice based on your experience; it can be as short as you like, perhaps only boiled down to a single sentence or even a few words. Those who heed this advice gain +2 dice to all relevant rolls for the rest of this session, interpreted generously. For example, advice to wield iron weapons in battle would offer +2 to all attack rolls, even if not directed at a Fair Folk.

Gold And Glory For The Young: Spend 1 Solar XP for one of two effects. Either introduce a young hero to the story, a brave lad or lass who looks up to the Greatest Generation, or to discover hidden talent in an existing NPC, declaring that he or she has the quality to be a hero. The NPC in either case has at least 3 dots of one relevant Ability, possibly more. Crioch does not cause this talent to appear in case of an existing NPC, he merely discovers a diamond in the rough.

These Old Bones: Spend 1 Solar XP when you suffer Health damage or fail a physical roll. You may reduce the Health damage by 2 points, or re-roll three failed dice on the roll. In place of this damage or failure, you suffer a temporary ailment in the form of a bad back, a strained hip, bad knees or something similar. This damage has no mechanical effect – Crioch is tough enough to power through it – but should be roleplayed appropriately.


They Helped Themselves: Spend 1 Solar XP. For the rest of the session, you may augment any other player’s stunts, by explaining how Yang subtly provides assistance without anyone noticing. Yang needn’t be present in the scene, but there must be some plausible explanation for how he could provide help, whether by proxy or retroactively by preparing. Any time a stunt is augmented in this fashion, its stunt level is upgraded by one step. If it was already a three-point stunt, it cannot be further augmented.

A Timely Acquisition: Spend 1 Solar XP. As it turns out, Yang has made (or is about to make) an acquisition of a valuable asset in the area. He’s able to procure any valuable (albeit generic) good or item, ranging from a jewelled locket to a fully fitted ship, even in an area where that good would normally be unavailable. His network of traders sometimes surprises even him. Note that this cannot be used for any specific or custom-made item. The trade network can bring goods, but it cannot craft them to specifics.

Mistaken Identity: Spend 1 Solar XP to introduce an NPC bearing a strong similarity to your current appearance. By sheer luck, other characters might mistake you for this person, or blame your misdeeds on this unfortunate fellow. Conversely, they might praise him for your great deeds. Yang isn’t trying to impersonate a specific person – by dumb luck, there happens to be someone in the area who resembles him, which he might both capitalise on and end up in trouble for.


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