The Ancient Ships

These are the five ships summoned by Brigid from their resting-place beneath the sea, and the promises Jadvyga sensed in their souls and in their planks.

The Lionshield (Lion): I promise to keep you safe. Though I am not the most beautiful, nor the swiftest, nor the strongest, my crew is my family. I will fill you with courage to defend what is yours, and to my sailors will stay loyal and true. In the fiercest storm, I will not falter. I am a home at sea. Of all these ships, my flag will be the first to fly, and the last to fall.

The Lionshield is currently captained by Gareth the Enduring. His first mate is Wulfric the Kind, a man well suited for counseling and listening.

The Jadestar (Dragon): I am proudest and brightest. I promise you prestige and glory. In every port, I am the fairest ship; my masts are tallest, my flag seen farthest at sea. My decks are always clean, for I inspire in sailors strong pride and duty. I am master and commander, and I will sooner break than bend to the will of the sea. I am fearless in all things.

The Jadestar is currently captained by Bruenor the Proud. His first mate is Sunnifa the Wide-Sailed, an experienced sailor at home on the sea.

The Silverwing (Eagle): I promise you adventure. For new horizons I was made; I yearn to travel, my spirit loves discovery. I am swift, flexible, hardy; I go where others dare not. I sail the highest seas and the shallowest river. I am flighty and mischievous; I am not for the faint of heart. I may lose a sailor to strange tides and think no more of it – but glory awaits those who manage to stay.

The Silverwing is currently captained by Elaine the Peerless. Her first mate is Godric the Keen, a man known for his perception and wakefulness.

The Ironbear (Bear): I promise you iron and blood. My prow is the strongest; I conquer all ships at sea. I was built for war and ramming. I am strong, and expect strength. My sailors may fear both storm and sea, but they must not shy from battle. I demand the clanging of sword upon shield.

The Ironbear is currently captained by Balin the Savage. His first mate is Elfrida the True, a woman known for her integrity and steadfastness.

The Blackwolf (Wolf): I promise you greatness that has not yet been named. I am a diamond in the rough; I am untested. Find me a captain who is worthy, and I shall be the greatest ship the West has ever seen; but squander my worth and value, and I shall wither and fall from memory. I am what my master will make me.

The Blackwolf is currently captained by Lyonesse the Undaunted. Her first mate is Ethelind the Gracious, a woman known for her friendly manners and good cheer.

The Ancient Ships

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