People of the Waxwood

Fairlin, Oathbinder and Spirit Guardian of Dol Mynan. Formerly wedded to the spirit Delwylath.

Morag the Strong, a mighty hunter with a haunted past. Clanless, but greatly respected by the Waxwood hunters and a natural leader.

Cwennach, a hunter and skilled woodsman, dark-haired and quiet, with a nervous twitchy eye.

Padrig, a young hunter whose father was a fisherman, lost at sea. Official “first mate” of the hunters.

Oisinn and Ferralda, red-faced corpulent keepers of the mead-hall called Rias End.

The Wax-King, the spirit-king of oaks in the Waxwood. A mighty, towering ent-like creature, guardian of the oaks, the ruling clan to which all other trees swear fealty.

Trevor and Gryndair Rhas Feagle, children of the bitter mining clan of Feagle, seeking to join up with Rhas Ghallanach at their feast.

People of the Waxwood

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