People of Dun Creagh

The Silent Storm

Airda, Yang’s first mate, short, stocky, hair in a red braid

Ras Dalmen

Laird Llewellyn ras Dalmen, young Laird of Dun Creagh, boy-faced and blond
Captain Beithich ras Dalmen, harrowed captain in her twenties, faced a storm
Luac, Beithich’s first mate
Eofinn, housecarl, black mustaches, careful manners

Ras Muir

Captain Brennan ras Muir, handsome man, lost at sea
Laird Tharracair ras Muir, fat and jovial, arrogant and greedy
Siobhain Daera, Knight of Muir, short-haired and jealous
Norman, guard captain of one fang of men, Legionnaire

The Land

Crann Shorespeaker, Oathbinder of the area, wild-haired and severe
MoirĂ¡nn, fisherman

People of Dun Creagh

Rhas Cayerne Riklurt Riklurt