People of Caer Gwynned

Dun Carrack

Owain Rhas Cawdor, adopted son of the Cawdors, adopted new Laird of Dun Carrack by Yang. Possesses a deep sense of responsibility for his people.

Former Laird Lachlan Rhas Cawdor, cold and dark, now sworn to vengeance against the Deep Ones.

Angharad, daughter of Laird Lachlan, claimed by the sea.

Erin Rhas Dreaghainn, formerly imprisoned woman and head of Dreaghainn, fair-haired. Loves the island of Caer Gwynned deeply.

Sir Alister Rhas Teagan, former knight of Laird Lachlan, blond, proud, handsome. Head of the Teagan clan, warlike and fierce.

Dylan Rhas Dreaghainn, Erin’s son, age 8

Sorcia Rhas Dreaghainn, dark-haired knight of the Dreaghainn clan

Nurse Slaghrinn Rhas Cawdor, old woman and caretaker of Angharad

The Fair Folk

The Wolf of the Wilds, a mighty Fair Folk warrior. Slain after being deprived of Fang-and-Claw’s skin.

The Red Knight, a bleeding knight, once a human and knight of Tanegar. Now freed from the Wolf’s service, but bound into the Chessmaster’s service to find his old home.

The Black Huntress, a masked Fairy woman who takes pleasure in hunting.

The White Sister, an otherworldly creature of immense fairness, destroyed by Crioch. Impersonated Angharad, the daughter of the Laird.

Hand-and-Foot, a twisted goblin no larger than a child, with skin the color of bruises and blackened blood, possessing superhuman strength. Held in thrall by the Wolf of the Wilds. Was once the mighty creature Fang-and-Claw, until robbed of his skin by the Wolf of the Wilds.

The Stone Circle of Cruathan

Aevelyn, a banished woman, kin-slayer, who killed her father for his wickedness. Alister’s slave, and human shield against the Fair Folk.

Sulahani, the Witch, a grey-haired woman with many talismans of power, a Sendayi mystic, and a pilgrim.

Cuiran Rhas Poll, former village alderman of Long Sand, the abandoned village by the shore. White-haired, with big ears and a bitter demeanor.

Maggie Rhas Poll, a giant of a woman, a blacksmith and daughter of Cuiran.

People of Caer Gwynned

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