Further West

West of Rhas Cayerne, the Wyld makes itself known in more obvious ways. Though one must sail for days, weeks or months to reach the true edge of Creation, to journey to the Western islands is to enter a realm where the Deep Ones hold more sway. In spite of this, humans do live west of Rhas Cayerne – these lands are the origin of the Sendayi, and still home to disunited peoples touched by the sea. Their lands are extremely poor in metal, which offers them fewer defenses against the Deep Ones – but also makes them easy prey for Rhas Cayerne vikings. The Rhashaan know them as skraelings.

Before the Fair Folk Invasion, during the waning days of the Shogunate, the farthest West was united under the Empire of the Petal Throne.

The most well-known of the Western islands, Porphyra is also the best defended. Famous for its colorful dyes, made from flowers and roots that grow on the island in abundance, Porphyra is a popular destination for Rhas Cayerne raiders willing to brave the West. Treasures from there are difficult to get, though – the Porphyran warriors are expert bowmen and extremely stealthy. They also seem to enjoy a more stable form of government, with less infighting.

The people of Kyanos have an exotic beauty that’s alluring to many from Rhas Cayerne. Their skin shifts in tones of bronze and copper, and their hair shifts from black to bright blue. They are poor in resources, however, living on a smattering of islands where they mostly fish. Pearls can be found among their people, however, and other rare bounties of the sea – but out of superstition, most vikings avoid them, for it is said the Fair Folk hide among them, in plain sight.

Smaragdi is also a collection of islands, covered in bounteous forests. Its people are fiercer warrior than most, but rove in small bands, frequently warring on each other. More primitive than other Westerners, they are nearly naked and have no access to iron or steel – but are more than happy to steal it from raiders. These come to Smaragdi in search of skins, cloth, gold and sea-ivory, all of which the Smaragdi work with expert skill.

The Tautogan peoples live on one main island, with a handful of smaller ones. They are black-haired and fair-skinned compared to other Westerners, and have over the years intermingled with people from Rhas Cayerne, as their culture is the least alien to raiders. The Tautoga cover themselves with tattoos, work silver and gold, and follow something vaguely akin to Rhas Cayerne oaths. This similarity makes them slightly more cordial to Rhas Cayerne, but it doesn’t stop vikings from raiding them for silver, gold, and the black ink the locals fashion out of stone. Their ways are strange and different still, despite surface similarities.

Further West

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