Rhas Cayerne is a feudal society, based on family obligations, oaths, and tight-knit communities breaching between both spirits and men. While its cities are more cosmopolitan and influenced by the Realm, most people in the highlands and on the far shores have certain things in common.

The Sea is a Stranger: The sea is the lifeblood of fishermen and travelers, it brings trade and rain, it is fecund and blessing. But it is a stranger to men. No kind spirits dwell there; it grants neither mercy nor comfort. Its underwater denizens are strange and eerie monsters, best stayed away from. Only the mysterious Sendayi druids worship the gods of the sea.

The Land is our Hearth: Rhas Cayerne is a harsh and unforgiving land, cold and rainy, wild and untamed. Yet it is home, and most people of the islands feel a strong connection to them. As much as the woods are filled with beasts and bandits, they too are part of the land, and therefore never as alien as the untamed sea.

Spirits Are Our Equals: The people of Rhas Cayerne do not worship their gods and family spirits. Rather, they strike pacts and agreements with them, seeing them as equals in the invisible world. These agreements are as solemn as any other iron oath; whether it’s sworn to man or god is irrelevant, and breaking it comes with grave consequences.

Oath is Family: Most people stay in the clans of their parents or spouses, but clans among the Rhas Cayerne are flexible, based on oaths and pacts. The only requirement to be a member of a clan is to have a solemn oath sworn to one of its members – whether an oath of marriage, blood brotherhood, or adoption matters little, though customs vary from clan to clan. When two or more people make such an oath, they choose which clan to belong to, or form a clan of their own.

Colloqualisms and Local Terms:

Briste-Slea (“Broken Steel” or “Broken Weapons”, sometimes “The Broken”):
Describes a warrior who has cast aside all honour and obligations in order to be able to fight for an idealistic or moral cause. Individuals who sacrifice their own honor to do whatever they feel must be done.


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