Crew of the Silent Storm

Aedra Rhas Kull, short, stout and bossy first mate. Has a taste for gambling and bets. Red hair.

Abigail Rhas Stewart, styling herself Stewart Cora Abigail, a merchant and scribe, who greatly admires the civilized ways of the Easterners.

Berthold Ironside, an old warrior who’s lost one eye and three fingers. A Cayerne lowlander warrior, he today serves as the ship’s chef. Berthold stayed behind at the Godspear as the ship traveled west.

Calum Rhas Gaeran, second mate, a strong and young man in good shape, but with one wooden leg. Smart, calm, and level-headed, he watches over his brother, Fenton. Blond.

Fenton Rhas Gaeran, sailor and skilled warrior. Strong and handsome, he’s nevertheless a little dull and has his head in the clouds. Listens to his older brother in all matters. Blond and tall.

Ulthar, short and stocky fellow from the Waxwood, proud and hot-tempered, ready to defend the honor of his officers and fellows.

Morwen Rhas Danedd, former acting captain of the Wildmare. A straightforward but hot-tempered woman who killed Captain Logan Rhas Dell of her ship, and was sentenced to banishment on the Silent Storm.

Fairlin, Dreamspeaker apprentice and Spirit Guardian of Dol Mynan, formerly of the Waxwood, presently Uthyr’s apprentice. Young, beautiful, and awestruck by Uthyr’s power.

Crew of the Silent Storm

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