People of the Godspear

The Godspear is the home of the Oathbinder Circle, and though only the elders and the keepers reside there at any one time, all Oathbinders, in time, make their pilgrimage there to be formally initiated into the Circle.

The Circle

Myrrdhin Oathspeaker, master of ceremonies. An old and bitter man, greatly respected by the Circle, afeared of magic.

Ogham Blackwing, Uthyr’s former mentor and keeper of the ravens. A strange man, kind and jovial but a little addled after so much time in the company of carrion-birds.

Gamlin Ancient-Tongue, an old woman who translates the more obscure passages from Old Realm.

Ysolde the Oathsinger, a young and inexperienced farm-girl who recently joined the Circle. She sings the oaths to the Queen from the cliffs each morning.

Hobarth Wide-traveled, a former viking adventurer, sent as hostage to the Circle to ensure the peace between his clan Rhas Niall and their neighbors. Presently a kind of junior Oathbinder. An old friend to Crioch.

The Karazou Trade Post

Feng Lau, a gregarious and outgoing merchant well familiar with Rhas Cayerne custom, summoned by Yang to run the trade post here.


Clangethyn, a towering war-god wearing only a kilt and swords. Sworn to some unknown deity’s vassalage on Dol Tanmor.

Douji, an Immaculate Monk, who has been researching matters of vengeance in the halls of the Godspear.

People of the Godspear

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