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Our heroes, Crioch Rhas Dunn and Karazou Edric Yang, both Solar Exalted, separately investigate an apparent demon attack on a homestead on Rhas Cayerne, belonging to the clan Rhas Taeryn. Their investigation leads them to the conclusion that the attack was targeted, and that the intention was for the entire family to be killed. The only survivor, a daughter, has been given refuge in a nearby village, with clan Rhas Borhan. Yang and Crioch, having decided to combine their efforts, set out to find the young woman and find out who might stand to gain by ending her bloodline.

After talking to the young woman, Mora, and her host, Korrack Rhas Borhan, our heroes realize that the culprit is none other than Hevyn Rhas Borhan, eldest son of their host. Hevyn learned the art of thaumaturgy from a local cult of druids, and summoned a demon to kill the Rhas Taeryns. According to old pacts and laws of inheritance, Rhas Borhan would inherit the Rhas Taeryn land. It seems Hevyn has taken residence in a nearby ruin, and is likely controlling the demon from there. Yang and Crioch, accompanied by Korrack Rhas Borhan, travel to the ruin, confront the murderer, and banish the demon.

Session One

1 Uthyr meets Trinh on the boat
2 People arrive at the castle
3 Our heroes actually meet
4 Trinh encounter a sea-zombie

Crioch Rhas Dunn and Karazou Edric Yang travel to Dun Creagh, to meet up with one of Yang’s companions, another Solar Exalt named Jadvyga Trinh. Trinh arrives to Dun Creagh piloting Yang’s ship, the Silent Storm. Having bought passage on the Silent Storm is also Uthyr Oathbinder, another Solar Exalted. As they near Dun Creagh, they encounter a mystical storm, staying perfectly still a short distance from the shore. Jadvyga manages to steer clear of the storm, and our heroes all set about investigating the storm and its causes. They find that the storm is of the Fair Folk, and only the oaths of the people keep it at bay.

Session Two

1 Our heroes talk with the people, the ruling Laird and the two visiting ones, also the Laird’s sister (who captained one of the ships in the storm) and the surviving witness’ to the wedding.
2 During the conversation with the sister, a spirit (the presumed dead son) shows up in the form of a seagull.
3 Our heroes gather a party consisting of the local knight Sheban and the first mate of the Silent Storm, Aedra.
4 Yang buys a boat, and Crioch & Trinh has a weird-out match when looking over the boat.
5 All prepared they set out for the storm, and end up ramming the spirit boat (epic scene).
6 The fight starts with the ramming, ending up ON TOP of the other boat, then:
6.1 Trinh snipes, Crioch and Yang jumps the leader and Uthyr presences half the henchmen.

Our heroes, now all gathered for the first time, decide to set out at once and drive off the threat. Yang buys a boat, Jadvyga steers it into the storm, and the enemy is vanquished.

Session Three

Our heroes return to Dun Creagh, and there was much rejoicing.

Yang, Uthyr and Crioch learn that the ancient giants who built these islands are weakening, and that an old enemy is drawing near. Only the oaths of the land and the oaths of its people can keep the islands strong and the ancient enemy at bay.

Session Four

Our heroes board the Silent Storm, heading for Caer Gwynned, where the Laird has fallen the sway of a Fair Folk known as the Wolf of the Wylds. Captained by the immensely talented Jadvyga Trinh, the ship makes excellent progress. Our heroes decide to hire a group of huntsmen as archers for the upcoming battle. In the process of this, Uthyr Oathbinder chastises an errant, greedy spirit and promotes a new Oathbinder. Crioch and Jadvyga trains the new recruits how to handle being on a ship. Yang buys a Megaloceros.

After another day of excellent sailing, the Silent Storm arrives at Caer Gwynned, finding the village they intended to spend the night in abandoned, the villagers having been chased away by an unnatural fear of the ocean. Only a few villagers remain, whose minds have been destroyed by the fear. Uthyr and Crioch put them out of their misery.

Session Five

After spending the evening debating the merits of spending a day or two finding the lost villagers in the woods over going to the castle directly, our band of heroes set out through the forest the next morning. With them they bring one of the huntsmen Yang recruited, to act as a guide. Their journey takes them within earshot of what sounds like a fight, so Jadvyga and Crioch hurry ahead to help, while Yang and Uthyr follow at a more careful pace. So separated, Crioch and Jadvyga encounter a man of the village and an enslaved kinslayer, beset by goblins. Killing the foe easily, Jadvyga and Crioch learn about the location and situation of the villagers.

Meanwhile, Yang and Uthyr find a Fae Circle, and enter it to find Hand and Foot, an enthralled goblin bound in servitude to the Wolf of the Wylds. Uthyr sends a powerful message to the Wolf, commanding the Fae to come and face him. Having thus taunted the old enemy, the group continues on to the villagers, presently seeking shelter at an ancient demesne, protected from the Wyld. They decide to spend the night, protecting the villagers from the nightly attacks of the goblins.

Session Six

Uthyr’s message leads the Wolf’s daughter, the Black Huntress, to approach with an offer to invite Uthyr as guest slash hostage to the castle. Uthyr refuses, instead offering to throw a banquet for the Wolf at this location, swearing to “take his breath away” with the entertainment and fine food. Everyone thinks this is a terrible plan, but Uthyr goes through with it anyway, now that he’s sworn on it. Yang overhears that Hand-and-Foot has a plan of its own, namely to steal the Wolf’s skin while he doesn’t wear it. The skin givens him power to walk upon land. It once belonged to Hand-and-Foot, then known as Fang-and-Claw.

Crioch, Jadvyga and Yang help prepare as best they can for the banquet, by gathering various things. Yang also watches Uthyr use magic to put all the locals to sleep, and draining their dream energy as well as tapping their blood, as offerings for the Fairy and part of his plan. Uthyr also attempts to take some years off the life of the knight Alistair, but at this, Crioch protests, nearly attacking Uthyr.

When the Wolf arrives, its’ with an entourage of two children, the Black Huntress and the Red Knight, along with a large group of goblins. Uthyr and the Wolf exchange gifts, and Uthyr is given the head of an oathbreaker and a horn that summons a mighty beast from beneath the waves. Uthyr successfully impresses the Wolf with a display of Solar might, and invites him into the dream world for further entertainment, where he turns the dreams of the poor mortals into playthings for the Wolf.

Meanwhile, Crioch battles the Red Knight and the Black Huntress to keep them entertained. As the fight begins to go against him, he runs back to the banquet and eats some food, thereby joining it as a guest, keeping the two Fairies from killing him (by the power of Uthyr’s Eclipse anima, that forces them to follow laws of hospitality). Yang uses the distraction to sneak up on the sleeping Wolf, steals the wolf-skin, and uses it to disguise himself as Fang-and-Claw. In the guise of this mighty fairy, he sends away the Wolf’s goblin minions – including Hand-and-Foot, who is confused by the presence of his old self and has a major identity crisis.

Yang escapes just before the Huntress turns her attention on him, her old nemesis Fang-and-Claw. Sneaking back into the camp, he uses the Scepter of Danaad’s Authority to strike the unconscious Wolf of the Wilds. Uthyr, meanwhile, has seduced the Wolf in the dreamworld and persuaded him into selling his son, the Red Knight. Thus freed of the Wolf’s influence, the Knight (alongside Crioch) turn upon the Wolf, and he is destroyed.

Just as they are about to relax, a new fairy emerges from Uthyr’s mouth. This creature, the Chessmaster, offered him power enough to do what he did in the dream world. He has time to say one line to the Red Knight: “Remember Tanegar”. Thereafter, Yang kills him with Fang-and-Claw’s clawed hands.

The Red Knight sets off to find his ancient castle. The Wolf of the Wilds is dead, and the Black Huntress has disappeared somewhere into the woods, in search of Fang-and-Claw. Crioch swears that he will see Uthyr brought to justice before the other Binders, for all the many ways he’s transgressed his authority.

Session Seven

The heroes set out towards the dark castle of Dun Carrack to confront the fallen Laird Lachlan. A guard captain, Owain, introduces them to the castle and summons the knights. A little boy alerts Yang to that some knights including his mother are in prison; he commands these too be brought.

They arrange a Thing to be called, to assess the worth of Laird Lachlan; he, too, attends in the company of a mercenary. The angry Laird tells them to leave before the Wolf returns, for the Wolf now holds court in this castle and the Laird is powerless to stop them. He tells the characters that the Wolf used magic to bring back his dead daughter, and therefore he owes him everything. In response, Yang reveals the Wolf’s skin, slung like a cloak under his magnificent embroidered cape.

The Laird panics and runs into the northern tower, where his daughter is kept. Crioch, Yang and Uthyr follow him, but to their surprise, the magic has not failed. Uthyr and Yang both conclude, through their Solar magics, that she is without a doubt a Fair Folk taken the shape of the daughter; however, as soon as they lay eyes upon her, her magic enthralls them, and they become incapable of speaking ill of her. Subtly, however, the two let Crioch know her true nature, and his unrelenting hatred allows him to break free of the spell. This is a transgression worse than any he’s known. He shuts himself in the room with her and asks her if she’s human. When he sees that she lies, he hacks her into pieces, and she explodes into seafoam and slime, ignited by Crioch’s blazing anima.

The Laird, full of fear and anger, races into the room and seeks to slay Crioch for what he’s done; but he fails as Crioch seizes his sword, and with the Fair Folk dead, her magic recedes and he realizes he’s been deceived. Crioch persuades him not to commit suicide, revealing that he too has lost his children to the Deep; a flame of vengeance is lit in the Laird, and he swears the Oath of Broken Steel, becoming bound only by his desire to avenge the crime the Deep Ones have committed. With this, he grants his castle to “half-laird Yang”, due to a throwaway joke made earlier by Crioch implying Yang owned half the castle due to slaying the Wolf.

Uthyr appoints Yang Keeper of the Castle, giving him the authority to elect a new Laird. Yang uses all his wit and wisdom to pick the best man, the guard captain Owain, whose deep sense of responsibility towards his people make him the best ruler in Yang’s eyes.

After completing his duty as Keeper of the Castle, Yang immediately turns around and negotiates the terms for a trade outpost for his trade empire on the island, seeing a potential for profit in the island’s high quality mead.

Stream’s Notes:
Location: Island of Caer Gwyneth, castle of Dun Carrack
Ruling clan: ? Laird: Lachlan Rhas Cawdor (former)

Idea for writing this story, use perspective of the child at court, (that asked if the monsters where gone). Change it so he was from the
first village they arrived in (humans snarling like beasts in the longhouse), went to the standing stones circle where the party faced “The Wolf”
and then to the castle, where he’s around for the final showdown with the Laird and hes daughter (changeling).

Session Eight

Jadvyga meets a mysterious entity wearing a fool’s cap, calling itself Gwydion. Morag Strongbow persuades Uthyr to bring Fairlin to the Godspear for initiation to the Circle. After plotting a course and Yang securing some trade deals, they sail back for the Waxwood to retrieve her. Aedra tries to figure out if she should swear an oath to Jadvyga, but can’t get an answer out of anybody. Three new crewmembers are initiated, among them Ulthar of the Waxwood, but they swear their oaths directly to the crew, not the captain.

At the Waxwood, Yang discovers bad blood between the people of Rias End and the Rhas Feagles. Through trickery, he puts his purse on Gryndair Rhas Feagle. Ulthar finds out and hits her with a chair, prompting a fistfight outside between him and Gryndair’s brother, Trevor. Crioch and Yang have a short conversation about this incident. They sail on the following day, bringing Fairlin.

A rigging comes loose but Jadvyga fixes it. Crioch scolds Fenton, who was responsible. Jadvyga takes umbrage at this. A very bad rainfall followed by a cold morning makes way for an encounter with some pirates, blockading the trade route because there’s a rumored Dragon-Blooded ship nearby, and Rhas Gallanach wants nobody to trade with them. Jadvyga easily outruns the blockade.

An old fisherwoman barters with Yang over cold medicine for information about the South; beyond old Turghrim’s lighthouse, she says, there are more blockading ships, responding to this rumor of a single Realm warship.

Session Nine

The party continues their journey to Blindman’s Fire, an ancient lighthouse. They drink to Calum and Fenton’s mother there, and celebrate her memory with stories. Yang interviews Crioch and Uthyr about their expectations on the Godspear. The following day, they decide to run the blockade by taking difficult and strange routes through the archipelago known as the Kilt; but the winds are good and Jadvyga is so skilled they manage to navigate the entire archipelago at breakneck speed in just four hours. On the other side, to their great surprise, is the Realm ship – but it is no warship, merely a well-defended private yacht, and it’s becalmed. Despite the blockade, they decide to come to her aid.

Aboard is Peleps Yaram Teneris, a patrician woman and Governor of Cwennath on Wild Cerewyth; Yang negotiates with her while Crioch and Uthyr negotiate with Connor Rhas Connla, who breaks from the blockade to try and take her and her ship as his prize. He is turned down, and Teneris is taken aboard the Silent Storm alongside many of her men; a skeleton crew is left on the becalmed ship, to defend it until wind returns. The wind’s spirit, it seems, has been slain by the Fair Folk Heart of Salt, whom Uthyr bound beneath the waves with an oath. This worries the heroes and causes tensions to rise even further between them. Uthyr decides to summon a wind spirit and finds Ireena, sister of the slain wind-god, who explains what has happened and pleads for Uthyr to speak with Heaven and help her brother heal. In return, she lends her Huraka wind-bears to carry the ship forward.

As the heroes reach port at Cerewyth and return Teneris to safety (a detour from their original course straight to the Godspear), Uthyr suggests they go deal with Heart of Salt straight away. Crioch takes it as him trying to avoid judgment at the Godspear and an argument breaks out that becomes more and more heated until Crioch punches Uthyr in the face. An enraged Jadvyga throws Crioch off the ship and takes him out to sea to calm him down; Crioch, despairing, gives in to age and sorrow and slowly sinks into the ocean, to be claimed by the Deep Ones, too tired to fight. But as he does, he hears the call of his ancient foe Nidmaw the Whalebird, and is filled with angry determination. Uthyr, meanwhile, thinks Heart of Salt has come for Crioch and throws himself into the sea, summoning the Deep Captain; but Heart of Salt merely sends an illusion his way, mocking him and taunting him to come out to the far seas, at Heart of Salt’s home terrain.

Eventually, everyone is gathered aboard the Silent Storm again, and it sets out for the Godspear. Crioch and Jadvyga speak of hunting Nidmaw, on a great adventure. Yang and Uthyr speak of setting up some kind of trade post on the Godspear. Finally, Crioch and Uthyr reach an uneasy truce. Just before the ship arrives to the ancient temple-island, Uthyr accepts Crioch’s suggestion to duel to work out the anger between the two men.

Session Ten and Eleven

Arriving at the Godspear, the Silent Storm is greeted by an Oathsinger called Ysolde, who with the help of some local goat herders lowers a stepladder to help the visitors to climb up the sheer cliff wall. Jadvyga scares Ysolde by leaping up the ladder with inhuman speed, and Yang makes an impression by flying up the cliff using sorcery. Crioch and Uthyr makes their way up the ladder conventionally, with varying degrees of grumbling.
After explaining the purpose of their visit, the heroes are taken to an area of the temple to await the gathering of the circle. The walls are covered in scrawling text, old oaths and laws written over the ages. Crioch spots an old oath written down by his ancestors, and tells Jadvyga about it, while Uthyr meditates and Yang wanders off, learning of ancient laws and oaths as he tries to find something that might help defend Uthyr in his upcoming trial. Jadvyga soon leaves Crioch and wanders off by herself, finding a statue of the old heroes of ages past, including one that seems to depict an ancestor of Aedra, the First Mate of the Silent Storm. The statues are all positioned around a larger statue, long since broken. Investigating the rubble, Jadvyga discovers a disc made out of Orichalcum, which seems to whisper ancient words that only she can hear. Uthyr takes her to see Myrrdhin, the master of ceremonies, but he seems to fear the disc and wants nothing to do with it.

Yang learns of old court cases that could be used to defend Uthyr, stemming from Tir Na Nogh, the lost island. He also learns that there’s an Immaculate Monk here, also studying the laws for some reason. Crioch, meanwhile, drinks with Hobarth – an oathbinder who used to be a viking and an old friend – and learns there’s a war god loyal to Boudicca visiting the Godspear, named Clangethyn. Uthyr also meets with his old mentor, Ogham, a very eccentric man.

Once the circle is gathered, the heroes are sent for and brought to a large room with a jeweled ceiling, representing the night sky. The Circle interviews Uthyr, and he tells them about the Deep Ones and the threats to the islands. As they interview Crioch as a witness, Crioch accuses Uthyr of abusing his powers and having traded with the Fair Folk. Yang steps forward as his defense attorney. The argument heats up until Myrrdhin invokes a power of the ancient hall, revealing everyone’s oaths – including Crioch and Uthyr’s oaths to Heaven. Their animas flare, and they are revealed as Solar Exalted.

Myrrdhin, overwhelmed, says this case is now above his jurisdiction. As per the instructions of the Queen herself, carried down through three generations of Oathspeakers, he is to take the four heroes to the very top of the Godspear. On their way there, they learn the birds have all departed the islands, fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Myrrdhin speaks an ancient command, and a door to a hall full of sleeping knights open. This hall was pressed beyond the veil of time in the days of the Great Contagion, preserving one hundred and twenty-five ancient heroes in a deep, dreamless sleep. They are to be woken in the hour of Rhas Cayerne’s greatest need – and can only be woken by one who has sworn to Heaven, such as Crioch and Uthyr have. The heroes deliberate, but Jadvyga simply flares her caste mark, Crioch joins in, and the ancient heroes awaken. Brigid, their leader, was the First Oathbinder, who created the circle to preserve the oaths of the island. Awoken, she explains that she has preserved these heroes because she knew Rhas Cayerne would once again need them, and they could not fight the Contagion. Only by the power of their knightly oaths could they escape the sickness that killed so many. She also managed to preserve their ships, summoning them now from a secret resting place beneath the Godspear to float where the islands’ harbor once stood.

Brigid and the heroes, alongside the bard Taliesin who came along by mistake, go to eat their first meal in eight hundred years after the heroes have introduced themselves. The four Exalts deliberate about what to do, but in the end it is decided Jadvyga and Crioch will simply try to get to know them better. They join the heroes in the feast-hall, while Yang spies on them in disguise and Uthyr goes to speak with Brigid.

Brigid has been updated on the accusations levered against Uthyr. Before she makes a decision, she asks him what is most important – his oath to create order and stability in Rhas Cayerne, or his role as Oathbinder. Can he be both? Uthyr goes to meditate on this.

Jadvyga gets in a dance-off with Elaine the Peerless, while Crioch speaks with Balin the Savage and Gareth the Enduring. As he does, he notices the war-god Clangethyn’s interference, as the curious deity surveys the mighty heroes. Yang and Crioch call out Clangethyn on his behavior. The war-god says he would love to recruit these heroes for Boudicca, thus revealing the state of the civil war. Crioch sends him away before explaining to the heroes that this civil war has nothing to do with the hundred and twenty-five knights – they must preserve their strength to fight the Fair Folk.

As Crioch, Uthyr and Yang assess the situation and the knights, Jadvyga goes down to the five ships summoned by Brigid, and becomes acquainted with them.

Session Twelve

The heroes gather to work out a plan for what to do next. It is resolved to go West, to hunt Nidmaw the Whalebird, the ancient sea monster that took Crioch’s sons. Moreover, in the West, Uthyr might have a chance to confront Heart of Salt, and the whole group has a chance to learn more about Yalcalth, the World-Eater, the ancient mysterious thing the Fair Folk say will swallow Rhas Cayerne.

Having settled this, Crioch goes down to hold a speech for the Knights in the Mountain. They remarkably swear no oaths to join them, but merely agree to the quest, with Crioch as their war-chief, Jadvyga as their captain, Uthyr as the “dreamspeaker” and sorcerer, and Yang as a guy who owns a boat. Most of the knights agree to go west right away, while some hesitate. Brigid says she will go east, instead, to learn more about the isles of Rhas Cayerne.

Uthyr announces that he has made his decision to leave the Oathbinder circle, and Brigid uses magic to loosen the bonds of his tattoos. He goes off to be in solitude, but Fairlin, whom he was going to introduce, comes to him and declares her intention to be his apprentice instead of joining the Circle. Uthyr calls her to meet him at midnight.

Yang interviews the knights and learn that they lived before Rhas Cayerne feudalism, recognizing no liege lords or hierarchy beyond that of the clan. Crioch speaks with Brigid and she agrees to help him swear an oath and receive a new tattoo before she leaves for the islands. Jadvyga begins to interview the knights to learn more about their suitability for Captainship of the five ships.

Later that evening, Yang catches up with the strange monk Douji, who has been investigating the Godspear. The two are skilled socialites and schemers, but Yang is Exalted and soon learns that Douji is here to try and find a peaceful solution to the war that doesn’t involve the Dragon-Blooded bringing the hammer down on Rhas Cayerne, if he can. Suspicions that at least Uthyr and Crioch might be Anathema trouble him, but Yang convinces Douji that preserving the peace is more important, and Douji agrees not to share his suspicions with the Immaculate Order.

At midnight, Uthyr initiates Fairlin into his new budding order, the Dreamspeakers. His old mentor, Ogham, watches from the shadows and later emerges, warning Uthyr to be careful – it is all too easy to mess up a good apprentice.

Session Thirteen

Crioch wakes up and makes breakfast, being joined in turn by Jadvyga, Yang, and Uthyr with his new apprentice Fairlin. Yang, learning that his colony ship is arriving, goes out to plan for the colony. Crioch goes to swear his oath to the Unconquered Sun. After a ceremony in which he is tattooed, he swears to Ignis Divine to protect Rhas Cayerne, and the Unconquered Sun answers his oath, inspiring awe in all who are present. Crioch uses the opportunity to rally the Knights in the Mountain to come with him to the West.

Uthyr goes to speak with Myrddin Oathspeaker, and says his farewell to the Circle, henceforth forging his own path forward. Yang and Crioch meet the colony ship led by Feng Lau, a business associate of Yang, and they begin setting up on the island. Uthyr and Fairlin purchase some new clothes and cosmetics from Feng Lau on Yang’s tab. Jadvyga, Uthyr, Yang and Crioch gather near the ships, and Jadvyga hands out positions, assigning the captains to different ships after asking them which ones they prefer, with Yang recommending some first mates. Uthyr asks Jadvyga to teach him how to sail, and he and Fairlin are assigned to the Lionshield under Gareth the Enduring.

With matters on the island settled, Yang supplies the ships for two weeks, and the ships set out from the Godspear. Uthyr and Fairlin work hard on the Lionshield and the ships sail into the night as Crioch drills the crew on the Storm. As night falls, however, the ships enter an area of heavy surf, which deposits strange crabs made of dreams onto the deck of the Lionshield, and Fairlin is pinched by one of them. Uthyr, worried about the Fair Folk, descends into the dream world and learns they stem from a battle between the Red Knight and some type of Wyld crab monster, whose blood and flesh transformed into small crabs. Fairlin uses bloodletting on her bruise from the crab to wash out the evil of the Wyld.

It is resolved to sail on in the morning. The next day has a warm southern wind. Jadvyga spots a Rhas Cayerne ship in the distance, and the circle meets to discuss how to chase the Whalebird. They decide to ask the ship if they know anything.

The ship is called the Wildmare, and they have raided Smaragdi for giant seal bones and animal furs. The Silent Storm buys some bones to fashion more harpoons, but Crioch learns from the first mate Dylan that the acting captain, Morwen, killed the true captain of the ship, named Logan. The circle convenes to discuss, and it is resolved Morwen can either duel for her honor or accept banishment for this crime. Morwen, when confronted, explains that Logan left men behind to the savages, and spoke frivolously of their death, so she killed him in anger. She accepts banishment so as to not also have to slay his kinsman Dylan, and joins the crew of the Storm.

The following day, Jadvyga wakes up feeling thunder in the air. With the amazing senses of a Solar Exalt, she determines a bad storm is coming in just five and a half hours, and they must sail hard for the nearest shelter, which is but a small rock. She drums up the entire crew. Uthyr convinces the other captains of the urgency of the matter, Aedra assists Lyonesse on the Blackwolf, Crioch helps the men on the Ironbear row their ship, and Yang uses sorcery to fill the sails with an unseen and unfelt wind, brought by the Huraka.

Racing towards the rock, the heroes see the storm coming from the south – a monsoon, blown a long way from its Southern climes…

Session Fourteen

The storm is misplaced, having abandoned its duties, and now the Oathbreaker Storm sweeps over the six ships. Jadvyga leaps over to the Silverwing and the Lionshield to correct their courses, sacrificing one of the Lionshield’s sails to keep them from blowing past the rock. Meanwhile, the Jadestar struggles against high waves, being pitched sideways. Bruenor decides to turn the ship backwards as a last-ditch effort to blow her toward the rock. Balin makes a harebrained plan to ram the Jadestar and knock her back on course, but at the last moment Crioch decides to instead hook the ship and pull her straight by force of muscle. “I’m goin’ fishin’!”

Uthyr, seeing this, becomes suspicious and forgets to brace for impact. When Crioch unleashes his Solar strength to tug on the ship with all his might, Uthyr grabs the wrong rope and is swung off the ship, falling into the ocean. Fairlin, in panic, jumps after him. Jadvyga dives into the ocean to fish out Uthyr and deliver him to the Ironbear, to meet up with Crioch. She then swims dangerously deep into the stormy seas to retrieve Fairlin, in an impossible feat of athleticism.

Having brought both of them safely back to the ships, the six vessels make for the small island and anchor themselves for the storm. Given a moment of respite, Yang, Uthyr and Crioch gaze into the skies with their spirit-detecting glance and see a horde of stampeding elephants – southern spirits let loose by some malevolent force. Yang decides to attempt to break up the storm, and ascends into the sky on Flight of Separation to summon the huraka bears to do battle against the southern spirits. As North and South winds clash, the storm intensifies, but the ships are safe where they are anchored.

The crew ties down everything loose, heads below deck, and prays. There is nothing to do but wait out the savage storm. The following morning, the Solars gather to discuss their future plans, and resolve to go straight west to Tautoga, the last known location of Nidmaw, to gather more information. They gather the Captains and debrief them before they begin sailing. The Captains are surprised to learn that the Empire of the Petal Throne, that used to lie west of Rhas Cayerne, no longer exists, and mention that their great lighthouse once stood on what is now Tautoga. Crioch has seen the rubble of it, but nothing more remains.

Aedra speaks to Jadvyga and is upset Jadvyga didn’t tell her about her ancestor; Jadvyga also learns Aedra now has a tattoo of loyalty to her. Uthyr and Fairlin speak, and Fairlin reveals some of her devotion to Uthyr; he commands her not to follow him into deathly danger again, for his teachings must survive. She accepts this, but it’s clear she thinks of Uthyr as more than just a teacher by now. Crioch tells Bruenor that he will lead the charge against Nidmaw, and this raises Bruenor’s spirits after his mistake with the Jadestar during the storm, as well as smooths over his relationship with Balin a little. Yang visits Gareth and they have a discussion about how to handle the responsibility of holding people’s lives in their hands, Gareth as Captain, Yang as Merchant Prince.

The next morning, Jadvyga spots red water. She is alarmed, but Yang calms her down – it is the rust coming off Tautoga. The entire island is slowly bleeding away into the sea. Tautoga is the only place west of Rhas Cayerne that has large quantities of iron, but the merciless Western Sea is slowly eroding it, and has been for centuries. They are nearing the land of rust and scars.

Session Fifteen

Sailing into Tautoga, the heroes come to meet the Clan of Connor. These descendants of an ancestor named Connor welcome Yang with gifts of food and chalcedony stones, hoping to secure an advantage in aggressively negotiating with two neighboring clans at an upcoming moot. For this meeting, they will go to the ruins of the old lighthouse, where their ancestors are buried. Tautogan culture is extremely oriented around the worship of the dead, who bear witness to all oaths sworn on the island.

The locals explain that a great cat has been tearing their sheep. Yang deduces that this event also serves as an excuse for them to lord over the other clans, browbeating them into helping hunt the cat and establishing their authority. Yang offers to lend some of his men to the hunt instead, hoping to gain favors with the locals so that more can be learned about Nidmaw.

Crioch smells rot, and asks the locals to go see what’s washed up on the shore. It’s leopard seals, massive beasts, killed by Nidmaw – but there’s also driftwood from a shipwreck. Nidmaw must have sank a ship at sea, and Crioch recognizes the driftwood as Rhas Cayerne. The Whalebird has been here already.

Uthyr learns from the locals that the warriors have had disturbing dreams, and suspect them to be messages from the honored dead. Old men try to speak with them in dreams, but they cannot understand the message. The warriors are less keen than the leaders of Clan Connor to bully the other clans, since they know they will pay if a war breaks out.

Arriving at the Stone House, as the locals call it, the heroes are taken in with the scope of the ancient lighthouse, and Yang deduces it must have been a powerful manse – but it was utterly destroyed in the Fair Folk invasion. Yet it seems to have some geomantic power yet, for it is strongly attuned to the essence of Death. Yang becomes curious and heads inside it as Crioch interviews the coastal Clan of Karras. He learns that a shipwreck has washed up also on the northern shore, and that the natives have brought back three intact bodies and a mangled torso to bury them in the Stone House so that they may become ”part of the island”.

Crioch objects, sensing something foul about the Tautogan burial ritual, and instead takes the corpses to have them burned at dawn. This shocks the Tautogans, who seem to consider burial rituals extremely important, but they do not object.

Yang, meanwhile, discovers that the interior of the Stone House is full of corpses. At its very center is a white jade core, which once powered the lighthouse, but it’s become corrupted and blackened by the essence of death. Rows of dead stand around it at the walls, staring unseeingly at the white jade core. As Yang approaches, he finds that the geomancy has been horribly tainted, and seeks to suck his soul from his body – only the mantras he learned from his nameless mentor protects him as he investigates further, finding a mysterious chalcedony-capped scroll in the old library. Yang then returns to the surface.

Uthyr has learned of the politics of the locals, and now that they prepare to bury their own dead, as well as ”summon the dead and ask questions of them”, he becomes curious as to what manner of dream-magic plagues this place. He sinks into a meditative trance to look into the dreams.

He finds, to his horror, that the manse permits the dead to dream – but it is dreams of death, of deep, endless sleep. He sees the buried dead awaken and join this massive, collective dream of inky blackness, and begins to understand the island’s secret; the ghosts of its dead are all joined together to slow the inevitable erosion of the land. When the lighthouse broke, the islands began to crumble, and only the power of so many ghosts has kept it stable for this long. Uthyr becomes curious and draws closer to the lighthouse in dreams – but the soul-sucking power of the manse seizes him in his astral wanderings, and his unprotected soul – outside his body – is drawn into the blackness and he begins to die.

Yang has returned to the surface, and sees Uthyr suddenly convulse and collapse. He realizes the manse must have seized Uthyr’s soul, and so does the only thing he can – summons his nameless mentor and asks him to take Uthyr ”nowhere”. Uthyr disappears without a trace, a piece of the island coming with him.

Crioch and Yang look bewildered at the absence of Uthyr. None of the men can even remember him; they don’t know who Crioch and Yang are talking about.

Meanwhile, Uthyr finds himself back in his past, in Queen Mab’s court, the last time he was outside Fate. The entity who took him informs him that he now has a simple choice – choose the same fate that led him to Exaltation, to the Silent Storm, and to Tautoga – or choose a different fate. If he chooses the latter, it will be as if he never existed…

Session Sixteen

Uthyr returns after years of wandering through his past, having arrived exactly when he left. He exits the dream-realm a few hills away, not quite knowing if the past fifteen years were dream or reality, and perhaps it no longer matters, for he now bears the Spear Thrust Into The World from beyond, a treasure from Queen Mab’s court.

The ancestor-ghosts, meanwhile, materialize, but neither Yang nor Crioch pay much attention. As Crioch drags away the Rhas Cayerne corpses for burial, he hears the voice of a ghost call from the rattling, mangled corpse. It begs for vengeance, the rest of it trapped in Nidmaw’s belly. The ghost says the beast is throwing itself against the Grand Seawall of Randan, and that many ghosts are trapped inside it – including the souls of Crioch’s sons. Crioch is filled with wrath, and as he burns the bodies with his anima, freeing these poor ghosts of their grim fate, he swears pursuit of Nidmaw at all costs.

In the blaze, Yang spots Uthyr, and he goes to meet him. The two talk obliquely about the dangers of sorcery. Meanwhile, the locals grow restless – in the blaze of Crioch’s anima, their own ghosts have hidden. Uthyr assures them this is normal, but not before sending Lochan to summon Jadvyga from the ship. Jadvyga has had to deal with Fairlin freaking out and attacking Morwen in her sleep, her dreams invaded by monsters. This unsettles her, and when Lochan comes, she runs inland as Uthyr dismisses Gareth and his soldiers.

Peace is restored to the gathering by Uthyr’s resounding voice. Yang, to the side, assembles the villagers and makes peace between the clans of Connor and Karras, and teaches them about tiger hunting – through which medium he also gives sound advice for how to run a more peaceful, harmonious society. The clansmen agree to hunt the great cat together. Yang then finishes the business of resupplying, as Crioch wants to leave come first dawn.

As everyone returns to the ships, Uthyr speaks briefly with Jadvyga and then sees to Fairlin’s recovery. She is asleep, but seems to have fended off the monsters from her dreams, though she is covered in scratches. Worried, Uthyr “borrows” Yang’s carpet, the priceless hide of Fang-and-Claw, to make a ward for her, and he also borrows a talisman from Ulthar, which somewhat unsettles the crewmen. Gazing into his blazing spear, Uthyr sees the face of the spirit Delwylath, whom he banished, who has plotted with the Fair Folk for vengeance – though he learns nothing more. Presumably they attacked the Fair Folk on Delwylath’s advice.

Meanwhile, Yang discovers that the scroll he recovered from the Stone House is a geomantic chart of this region, by which the poisoned manse might possibly be safely torn down. Having much to study, he uses sorcery to split his shadow from his body, and has it aid him in his research.

Crioch, full of determination, sets to teaching the sailors more thoroughly. He begins with the Blackwolf, and Lyonesse, drilling her soldiers to perfection. In the process, she comes to him about her clan, speaking to him about Aedra and her family in the world, and about how once Nidmaw is back, she may want to go see them. Crioch advises her to go see Jadvyga. As she does, she speaks of being torn between her duty to family and her duty to the heroes that awakened them. Jadvyga wonders – wasn’t Rhas Kull sworn to serve the First Heroes? Hearing this, Lyonesse makes a decision, and swears all of Rhas Kull to loyally serve Jadvyga, as being technically the eldest member of the clan (by a few centuries). This surprises Jadvyga greatly. She goes to speak with Yang about it.

Uthyr wakes Fairlin, and the two speak. She was attacked by some spirit in dreams, but she fended it off, and feels far more confident as Uthyr’s apprentice now. Uthyr, fearing she is overconfident, challenges her to a duel of dreams…

Session Seventeen

Uthyr dreams of a large, dark forest, the Waxwood of Fairlin’s home. He seeks to unsettle her, but she has learned much about oneiromancy, and he is soon snared in the woods. Seeking to challenge her, he takes the form of Delwylath to unsettle her, but she defends herself through seduction, and in doing so, manages to seduce Uthyr. The two fall in bed together in dreams, and then in the waking world, and Uthyr admits that she has learned much.

Meanwhile, as the ships sail on northward, Yang meets with Calum, who requests a new leg fashioned in Randan as advance payment. Abigail, meanwhile, speaks with Jadvyga while nursing an orange tree sapling in the hold, telling her that with the Rhas Kull sworn to her, it is best she owns some land to avoid political troubles. Abigail knows of an old castle, easily available. She can procure it if Jadvyga agrees. She does, so Abigail relays this to Yang, and also comes face to face with his creepy shadow clone. She takes it in stride.

Crioch continues to train the sailors, moving on to Bruenor’s crew on the Jadestar. As he is a perfectionist, Crioch forces his crew to improvise in various ways, which annoys Bruenor – he half-challenges Crioch to a strategy game, to test his mettle, and Crioch says it may happen later. But during the training, something distracts two men – a clump of strange seaweed has begun to climb the hull. Crioch inspects it and finds it to be a strange, dying elemental. Eight more clumps float around the ships, but he dismisses them to get back to drilling the men.

Yang goes to find Jadvyga again to speak with her. On the way, he overhears Ulthar gambling with some sailors, talking about how they will raid once they reach Randan. Yang subtly interjects into the conversation, threatening anyone who talks of raiding with marooning in the sea. He notices his message doesn’t bite on the greedier men, such as Ulthar, and goes to discuss this matter with Jadvyga, as well as the structural integrity of the ships. He plans to do sorcery to them later.

Crioch spends a day or so frustrating Elaine the Peerless by refusing to let her show her skill, before letting her loose. They sail ahead of the others, to a warm southern current, only to spot disaster up ahead – a huge mass of tangled sargasso, a dislodged forest of seaweeds threatening to catch and snare their ships, torn up by the storm and carried north by this current. It will block their path.

Crioch is full of rage and frustration, and returns to the other ships in fury, blaming Uthyr and roaring about the evils of the sea. Jadvyga goes to meet him, and the two briefly wrestle before Crioch calms down somewhat – still seething with anger at the sea. They return to the Silent Storm and discuss their options. It seems the seaweed is inhabited by lost and confused elementals called Tanglestars, the natural keepers of the weed, and Yang believes it possible to negotiate with them, but he isn’t sure.

Yang and Uthyr send out their bird-spies to survey the forest; it is very wide. On its western side are Porphyrans, harvesting it – on its eastern side is open ocean, with ill tides and bad wind, and in the middle is a band of seaweed before the Twins, which the weeds strangely do not touch. As the Captains are gathered, it is resolved to learn more about this seaweed-forest, and determine if it can be bypassed…

Session Eighteen

Uthyr and Yang send sorcerous birds into the sky to see the shape of the tangles, and note that they seem to avoid the Twins, such that a path to the islands is possible. Jadvyga, Crioch and Yang sail out to inspect the weeds up close, and Jadvyga dives under water, finding that the weeds cling to an underwater maze of rocks, but that navigating through might be possible. Returning to the ship, Yang suggests waiting until daylight to attempt such a dangerous feat. Jadvyga counters that they can light up the ships using their own animas.

With unprecedented passion, Yang becomes both angry and afraid, lecturing everyone about how powerful the Realm is, and how they will certainly be interested in blazing animas on open sea. It is resolved to wait until daylight. Yang, meanwhile, explains the history of the Solar Exalted, and the Realm’s view of Anathema, to Crioch and Uthyr. It doesn’t matter that the heroes truly are the Sun’s Chosen – the Realm will still think them evil, and a threat to the status quo. Uthyr and Yang discuss further on their powers, both from the Sun and sorcery, and Yang instructs Uthyr in some meditative techniques to shield his mind from the Spear Thrust Into the World.

The following day, the ships head into the stinking, rotting tangles. At first, the journey goes well, but soon Jadvyga becomes uncertain and must dive through the tangled weeds to see the shape of the underwater maze once more. This agitates the Tanglestar elementals, and they begin to weave their seaweed-webs thicker. Jadvyga hurries, but the weeds close behind the Silent Storm, and the other ships might become stuck. Seeing this, Uthyr ties a rope about himself and leaps over the railing, wielding his mighty weapon against the creatures and blazing his caste mark, chiding them. In response, the tanglestars open their eyes – each and every one of them opening a single, green orb – and stares at him. Uthyr booms a command with the voice of the Sun, and Yang – from above, in the form of birds – sees that they attempt to form a constellation. Seeing this, he instructs them to form the Sword, as it should bring clear passage to the ships. The stars obey.

Sailing through, the ships arrive unharmed at the Twins, though it’s been an arduous day of hard sailing and all are tired. Jadvyga and Yang fall asleep as Crioch, Uthyr and a crew from the Silverwing go ashore to resupply. They soon find the islands strange, though, where sea and sky seem to be as one, where the water perfectly reflects the stars, and where a strange, haunting poem about loneliness is carved into a tree. Fleeing to the shore, Uthyr and Crioch find that they are now on the wrong island – the ships are moored at the other Twin, and they are stuck. Uthyr calls for Lochan to wake up Yang and Jadvyga.

Jadvyga leaps a great distance to the other island, and learning of the strange nature of the Twins – where one island is the other, and up appears to be down and vice versa – takes to the trees to explore – but falls into the sky, sent plummeting upwards.

Yang, meanwhile, awakes to go out on deck, studying the area. He sees, suddenly, a strange golden barque appear out of the waters – and on its deck stands a Sidereal woman. “Karazou Edric Yang – Heaven would have words with you.”

Session Nineteen

Jadvyga lands with a splash in a strange, dark sea, in the distance seeing a shining city. On a barge in the water, she meets a surprising friend – Gwydion, from her encounter at Caer Gwynned. Gwydion says they are in Heaven, just outside Yu-Shan, and he is sending messages. They talk some about freedom, but are soon interrupted by “lions”, which prompt Jadvyga to swim down – by Gwydion’s advice – to return to Creation.

Meanwhile, the Sidereal Promise of Bloodshed delivers a message to Yang. The meddling he and Uthyr undertook on Tautoga, in which Uthyr was banished to the dream realm, caused Uthyr to appear in the dreams of sleeping Lairds, many of whom saw it as a sign that they must fulfill their duties. As a result, the civil war in Rhas Cayerne is now accelerating unpredictably. Promise of Bloodshed is upset about this – but nonetheless blesses their journey against the Whalebird, and tells the Solars to stay away from Rhas Cayerne until Heaven can make clear what will happen now that the destiny of the war has been altered.

Promise of Bloodshed thereafter departs, just as Jadvyga returns from the depths. The Solars gather in Yang’s cabin to discuss. Yang interviews Jadvyga about Yu-Shan, and about her “friend”, and soon the true nature of Gwydion is revealed, a dangerous trickster from Rhas Cayerne folklore.

Many more matters are discussed, matters of safety, and of artifacts, and of how to slay the Whalebird. Uthyr and Yang resolve to study sorcery more closely, and discuss the powers contained in the artifacts aboard the ship. Jadvyga takes off with the skin of Fang-and-Claw, wearing it and learning some about its powers. Crioch, meanwhile, holds a rousing speech to the Captains, inspired by the blessing from Heaven.

Some time passes. Jadvyga, wishing to test Uthyr’s skill at swimming, takes him into the water at open ocean, and he holds up well enough. Their swimming lesson is interrupted, however, by a herd of giant seals. They seem spooked. Jadvyga, curious, instructs Uthyr to hold on to a seal while she swims ahead to see what has frightened them, finding the wreck of a Randanese ship – the Whalebird is near. While Uthyr hangs on for dear life to a panicking seal, Jadvyga returns to pick him up, and the crew readies for an encounter.

Then they see Randanese ships ahead. They come to meet the small fleet, and a captain – named Jarek of the Red Heron – tells them the Whalebird has been driven into Randan’s harbor, and slain. Crioch knows instinctively it isn’t the truth.

Nidmaw still lives, now on the other side of the great Randan sea-wall – and the natives will not let the Rhas Cayerne ships pass…

Session Twenty

The Silent Storm is escorted alone into the Randanese harbor, the other ships left behind at sea. The Solars are taken to see Admiral Leokad, in charge of the war against the Whalebird. He is convinced the beast is dying from its wounds, but talking to Crioch he admits he has no problem letting the crazy Rhas Cayerne barbarians through to finish the job if they want to. However, the authorities will never permit it – the islands west of Randan are their prized treasures, and they would fear the foreigners would loot them.

The party goes ashore to try to arrange a meeting with the authorities to receive permission to go west. Yang and Crioch go to Cedar Hill to speak with Marzanna the Shipwright. Yang learns she’s designing a new, grander ship, but Crioch pressures him to talk about getting passage first. Through her contacts and his masterful knowledge of Randanese ceremony, he arranges a meeting with the Queen herself, at dusk, in the Tower of Storks.

Crioch goes outside to return to the docks, waiting for the audience. He meets a strange man in black called Feducci, who is willing to expedite passage west in exchange for Nidmaw’s body, on behalf of a secret society called the Melted Scriptorum. Crioch accepts but makes no oath or promise, simply saying he’ll try to bring the body back and if need be, he’ll accept the Scriptorum’s assistance.

Uthyr learns about the Chandler’s Lodge, and goes to find them in the slums. By asking around for alchemical ingredients he soon walks into an ambush in a butcher’s shop and meets Master Czeslaw of the Chandlers, with whom he makes a deal to buy seven magical candles for a price of 3,500 silver dinars. When he inquires about candles that ward against or interact with dreams, however, Czeslaw must take him to his colleague and rival, Vladok. The two depart for his estate.

Meanwhile, Jadvyga stumbles upon a Rhas Cayerne man named Sigbert Rhas Kull. He was shipwrecked near Randan and started a new life and family here, despite still being married in Rhas Cayerne. Having two wives troubles him, especially as he now technically has a chance to return to his first wife. As Jadvyga is the new head of the Clan, she decides to go meet his current lord, Vladok.

Uthyr and Jadvyga meet at Vladok’s estate, learning that he owns many cows but uses only a small amount of them for alchemy. Here, they together settle Sigbert’s case and free him from Rhas Kull, making him properly a citizen of Randan and not Rhas Cayerne. Thereafter, the two go inside Vladok’s mansion to negotiate with him. Czeslaw takes his leave, just after a message is delivered to Vladok from Feducci.

Uthyr reveals to Vladok that he is a Solar Exalt, and also reveals to him the location of the old lighthouse on Tautoga, in exchange for an oath that Vladok will only share this with those he “names brother and sister”, and that he will not use the information against Uthyr. Delighted at this information, Vladok gives him three dream-candles for free. With that, Uthyr and Jadvyga take their leave, but only after Vladok informs Uthyr that Czeslaw has poisoned him with an arsenic candle, a precaution the butcher-alchemist takes against those who intrude in his shop.

Session Twenty-One

Uthyr and Jadvyga leave Vladok’s shop and discuss the value of the candles. Uthyr opts to leave the rosewood box with Jadvyga, who promises to stash it securely somewhere on the ship. Realizing they are lost in Tallowtown, they petition some urchins in the rope bridges for help. They attempt to steal Jadvyga’s hat, but she retrieves it in a single leap. Having impressed the urchins, they get guidance to Cedar Hill, where Yang and Crioch went.

Discussing their various experiences in Randan with Crioch, they wait for Yang to emerge from his meeting. As he does, Jadvyga tells him Uthyr has arsenic poisoning. The four discuss what to do next, but Yang needs to get to his meeting with the queen and as such is in a hurry. While they walk, it is resolved to visit Czeslaw’s shop together later, at the appointment Uthyr has set up with Czeslaw and Vladok to buy the remaining candles.

Yang ceremonially meets with the Queen in the Tower of Storks, a snow-white broken tower from the First Age. A tradewind-god is watching the interaction, and Yang suitably impresses him, getting good winds for the journey ahead.

The Queen tells Yang about a portentous dream she had, in which a strange sea-captain was sneaking up on a woman in red, and thereafter tore his heart out, saying “I have no need for you.” She believes the woman in red represents the island of Raktau, one of Randans seven secret islands that holds precious raw materials. Yang solemnly swears that he has no intent on the seven islands, and promises any man who steals from them will be left behind in the sea in the Wyld. This convinces the Queen he is not the heartless sea-captain from her dream, and she permits his passage.

Once outside, the heroes except Jadvyga gather up to go see Czeslaw and Vladok. Meeting in Czeslaw’s shop by the light of fireflies (for neither alchemist trusts the other with candles), Uthyr tries to persuade Czeslaw that he possesses great and powerful information, going so far as to scare off his men and show his glowing anima. Czeslaw, being a simple butcher-man alchemist, doesn’t understand at all, and asks for the silver he was offered. The deal breaks down, and Uthyr prepares to leave with only the three candles he got from Vladok. Czeslaw at least promises to give Uthyr a bezoar against the poison to get rid of him, and butchers a goat.

However, before they take their leave Czeslaw off-hand sneers about Vladok “butchering men”, prompting Crioch to inquire further. Crioch learns of Vladok rendering souls into tallow. Meanwhile, Uthyr asks Yang for advice in Old Realm, but the alchemists misunderstand it as casting some sort of spell.

The situation breaks down. Crioch prompts Uthyr to denounce all this business and kill Vladok, whose practices are obviously dark sorcery. Uthyr panics, especially at Crioch calling him “chosen of the Sun” openly, and stabs Vladok in the gut. Both alchemists flee the scene, and Crioch and Uthyr have a solemn yet heated conversation about values and the meaning of light and dark. Crioch asks Uthyr to turn to the light, if only once.

Meanwhile, Jadvyga goes to organize the Captains, having been informed of that they now have passage West. She drums up the men, and they gather at sea. Yang, Crioch and Uthyr soon join them. Yang holds a speech about their passage west, saying anyone who robs the Randanese will be left beyond the seawall, and anyone who objects should depart the ship now. None do. Having prepared everything, the Solars and their crew sail west beyond the seawall, into the true unknown.

Master Vladok, having been left behind to die in an alleyway in Randan’s slums, writes something on a wall with his dying heart’s blood. He speaks about the “Sun Princes”.

Session Twenty-Two

Sailing out from Randan into the true West, our heroes pass by many strange islands, which Yang charts in secret. Among them is an island containing toxic sludge from a treasonous star, and a forbidding jungle island. As they sail, Jadvyga spots strange horses made of water, galloping across the waves. Yang draws the Scepter of Danaa’d’s Authority and commands them, learning that an intruder has entered the lands in the west, and the Horses of Water are fleeing. He speculates this intruder might be what’s left of Heart of Salt.

As they continue to sail west, fire begins to behave strangely, screaming in pain. Fires are kept to a minimum. Jadvyga, meanwhile, has unsettling visions of the ocean burning, and strong memories of the First Age pulsing from the orichalcum medal on her chest.

Just as they round a blasted island of odd ruins, a lookout spies the Whalebird. It is swimming west, toward a strange volcano island. Uthyr, spying into the dream-realm, realizes that the volcano goddess is being tormented by Of Salt, the unshaped Raksha, wielding a spear that’s the twin of his own – the Splinter Left of the World.

The ships pick up speed. Crioch readies the men. Just as they are close to the Whalebird, the volcano erupts as Of Salt stabs the spear deeply into the volcano-goddess Ka-Raktau, waking her from sleep. Uthyr uses his spear to tear a rift in the thin veil between the worlds, leaping into dreams with Fairlin at his side to confront the raksha. Just then, the Whalebird surfaces, leaping over the Silent Storm. Crioch leaps at the beast, seizing the daiklave stuck in its hide and pulling it out, hammering at the beast. Jadvyga tilts the ship sideways, boosted by Yang’s sorcery, to skim underneath the beast with a hair’s margin, then leaps aboard the Jadestar to steer it and ram the beast as it lands. The Jadestar’s bow cracks, but she stays afloat even as a rain of fire strikes her from the erupting volcano. The ocean churning with fire and rippling waves, the Jadestar, the Ironbear and the Silverwing pin Nidmaw in place as Crioch leaps at it once more, hacking and slashing at the beast’s iron feathers.

Nidmaw dives into the bubbling and boiling ocean, with Crioch hanging firm on the creature by his grapnel. Seeing this, Jadvyga dives after him into the depths, delivering a harpoon to the creature’s insides even as it swallows her whole.

Uthyr, meanwhile, uses every trick in his repertoire to draw the awakened goddess once more into the realm of dreams. She turns out to be incredibly powerful, wielding fire and hot magma to trap the advancing entity Of Salt; and as Uthyr unmakes the last vestige of its physical form, he throws the Splinter to Fairlin, who gives it to Ka-Raktau. Using his power against him, Uthyr enforces his will over the Wyld, and shapes Of Salt into an island of sea-salt, binding it – however temporarily – into a new physical form, trapped by Ka-Raktau’s lava as it hardens into obsidian.

Crossing over into the physical realm once more, Uthyr and the boiling island rise to the surface. Meanwhile, Crioch, furious and desperate to rescue Jadvyga and keep Nidmaw from taking one more child, breaks off the creature’s beak and stabs it through the eye, impaling its brain, finally slaying the great beast that has harrowed his soul for four decades.

Using the power bestowed to him by the Unconquered Sun, Crioch ignites the Whalebird’s corpse, destroying it and freeing all the souls trapped within. He catches one fleeting glimpse of his eldest son before the freed soul passes on to Heaven. Jadvyga has seized his eldest son’s sword in Nidmaw’s gullet, seeking to hack her way out.

As Uthyr’s island rises to the surface, the other treasures held in Nidmaw’s enormous craw spill over the hot salt surface. Yang, having coordinated the ships to steer to safety, gathers the fleet around the new island. The hunt is finally over.

Of Salt will not be trapped in this form forever; he is merely bound until something else unmakes him. Yang and Uthyr conclude that the Randanese greed would lead them to mine the island, for the salt has many magical properties, able to absorb anything from fire to sunlight to greed. This would once more change Of Salt’s static nature, rendering it Unshaped anew. They conclude Uthyr and Fairlin will go speak to the sleeping volcano-goddess, securing her help in guarding the island.

Yang and Crioch pick through the treasures, and find the Golden Oath of Rhas Kull, a golden bracelet of which only twelve are known to exist, granted to the Princes of Rhas Cayerne by the Queen. Only nine remained up until now. This is the tenth, belonging to Rhas Kull and thus, at least in theory, to Jadvyga. However, as she is still unconscious after the harrowing battle, Yang safekeeps it for the moment.

Uthyr speaks with the goddess in dreams, and learns that she is no goddess at all – she is an Elemental Dragon, a true daughter of Hesiesh. A being of such incredible power was capable of sealing away Of Salt, but she must remain in sleep lest her flaming wrath tear the islands apart. However, recognizing Uthyr as the First Age Solar Takeshi, she agrees to send a cloud of ash to bury both her own island and the Fair Folk bound in salt; for the flowers harvested by the Randanese from her shores are her own dreams, and she is tired of them being plucked. Uthyr and Fairlin return to the Silent Storm just in time to urge the fleet to leave, for a cloud of ash and cinder is about to descend on the area.

Outfitted with many great treasures, and weary after their hunt, the fleet sails back to Randan. The Jadestar is destroyed, and fourteen sailors have passed into Heaven, among them Bruenor’s first mate Sunnifa – but Nidmaw the Whalebird is finally slain, and a great menace has passed from the West.

Cliff Notes

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